Erehwon is a practice-led research project, that explores the design of digital maps as enabling and supporting tools for socio-political interventions, done by citizens, activists and artists, in the digital and physical public space. Developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration between Aesthetics, Performance studies (Dr Beatriz Cantinho) and myself as Interaction Designer, and grounded on a collaborative design approach, the project is creating an online platform which has at its center an interactive digital visualisation of the different projects that have been added showing details for each project and the connections between them. Erehwon is design as a shared digital public space that intends to be a hub for the people who initiate these interventions, a digital commons. The design of the platform is informed by workshops taking place across Europe. The platform is work-in-progress and open source with the code available on my GitHub page.

For more info here is the project website.

- Dima M., Cantinho B. 2018. Erehwon: A Digital Platform for Empowering Sociopolitical Interventions in Public Space‘, in Peeren, E., Celikates, R., de Kloet, J., Poell, Th. (Eds.) ‘Global Cultures of Contestation. Mobility, Sustainability, Aesthetics & Connectivity’, Palgrave Studies in Globalization, Culture and Society 2018, Palgrave McMillan, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-63982-6