Commissioned by Tate Galleries, this research sought to understand whether or not Tate’s visitors were immersed in the overall experience of visiting a ticketed exhibition, if there were moments when their ‘smooth’ journey was broken and the reasons for this, what was learnt as a result of their visit and what else affected them during their time in the exhibition. In order to collect such information – much of which was tacit – I designed a method based on reflection that would motivate those questioned to participate willingly, that would not be too intrusive in relation to their visit and that would allow them time for reflection. For more information on the project findings, its methodology and methods the full report is published at Tate Papers journal.

- Dima M. 2016. Value and Audience Relationships: Tate’s Ticketed Exhibitions 2014–15, Tate Papers, no.25, Spring 2016, available at

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